Solutions we've created
  • St Cloud Wedding Expo

    St Cloud Wedding Expo

    Updated design over a fully-customized back end that manages payments, event participants, vendors, and sponsors. Built to showcase wedding vendors and appeal to all wedding planners.

  • Copper Country Humane Society

    Copper Country Humane Society

    Puppies and kittens need websites too. Jelyco provided a customized wordpress website to support volunteers in managing an active shelter. We love our local nonprofits!

  • Romancing the Atom

    Romancing the Atom

    A book targeted to raise awareness and questions about society’s use of nuclear technology needed a website to fuel the energy. The website and supporting PR materials supported the book release.

  • Hilltop Family Restaurant

    Hilltop Family Restaurant

    A local favorite, Hilltop Family Restaurant needed an updated web presence with more customization and support of online sweet roll sales.

  • Sarah Rosher

    Sarah Rosher

    Remembering someone is never easy, make it simple with a business card.

  • CopperDog 150

    CopperDog 150

    Dogsled racing in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Three designs created for around the Keweenaw to lend a paw and volunteer.

  • Midwest High School Ski Conference

    Midwest High School Ski Conference

    A ski website to highlight a great winter sport but also manage race reporting, results, and ease the efforts of coaches and organizers.

  • Central Minnesota Brides

    Central Minnesota Brides

    Custom wordpress template modified for full magazine and media support to showcase local weddings with real brides, vendors, and locations in Minnesota.

  • Muddie Paws

    Muddie Paws

    Hand-crafted dinnerware and hammocks for your best friend. Website, branding, and e-commerce setup by Jelyco.

  • Pawlister


    Helping homeless animals find homes without the advertising of other shelter sites. Code compliant and easy to use API setup, ready to go for nonprofit organizations.

  • CPTSC 2012

    CPTSC 2012

    Michigan Tech’s humanities department craved a fun and edgy conference website that inspired attendees. Since both Jelyco founders are a product of this program, we went to work.