St Cloud Wedding Expo

The St. Cloud Wedding Expo of St. Cloud, Minnesota is premier Wedding Expo of central Minnesota. We were approached to give the site more functionality and a better user interface.  Jelyco took that to the next level.  Not only can you find over 250 wedding celebration related vendors, but you can connect with them through facebook and plan your day at the expo by selecting the vendors you’d like to visit.  You can even purchase your tickets online prior to the expo for a discounted rate.

From a vendor side, they can sign up to be listed on the site for free (after being vetted through our process), hook up their facebook profile to the site so they only have to update data in one place, and even purchase their booth and extras directly through the 100% secure administration site.  The St. Cloud wedding expo was brought into the 21st century by allowing online transactions. No longer do vendors have to mail in checks and wonder if they were delivered.  All they do is sign up on the site and within a day or two, they know if they’ve been accepted and are sent pertinent information to help make their expo day easy, memorable, and fun.