With the number of domesticated, homeless animals out there rising daily, Jelyco decided to help make a difference. Pawlister focuses on the pets and the shelters where they currently reside. Potential new owners are shown the information they want to know about the animals, not half a page of ads and a few small images of the animals.

Using the latest web technology and standards, visitors will be given a personal experience and shown animals close to them when they first visit the site. Should they choose to hook up their profile with facebook through an easy, 1-click login, and share animals with their friends directly on their facebook wall. Visitors will also be able to save searches to have alerts sent to them when a new animal meeting their criteria is added in their area.

Shelters have the option to build out their profile, add animals with pictures and video, and geocode their location for maximum exposure to visitors.  They can also use the javascript widget to pull their animal information directory onto their website, or get a hold of the API to have more control over how they display data on their website.