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Welcome St. Cloud Wedding Expo

By on September 29, 2009 | Leave a comment

Jelyco is pleased to announce that the masterminds behind the St. Cloud Wedding Expo have asked us to work with them on brand development and a new website.
With updated functionality including social networking, consumer interaction, and an interactive map for reservations; we’ll be adding many features as well as a few bells and whistles.
The new site will be public in time for the January wedding expo so stay tuned and to Michael and the gang, welcome aboard!

Welcome XL Communities

By on February 21, 2009 | Leave a comment

Although I am a little behind on my blog updates, I wanted to take a minute to welcome Kevin McCallum and XL Communities to the Jelyco “inner circle!” Ok, so we don’t really have an inner circle per say, but we are happy to work with Kevin nonetheless.
Kevin is the founder of XL Communities, a FREE service that allows you to easily create an online community for your group or organization.
Jelyco has created a business card to support Kevin in his future endeavors and is in the processing of negotiating more work. Below you will find the card that Kevin is using to attract interested parties, if you are curious about this service and think you may benefit from your own online community, please feel free to contact Kevin from the information provided below.

Triton Science and Technology Business Cards

By on January 20, 2009 | 1 Comment

Jelyco recently designed a business card for Triton Science and Technology; a start-up engineering firm located in Michigan’s Copper Country.
Triton Science and Technology Business Card
Jelyco is already working on a website design to compliment the new logo and business card. The site should be up by Spring 2009.

Jelyco Business Cards

By on January 10, 2009 | 1 Comment

After taking 6 months to get our website up, we’re moving quickly. Business cards were printed and we’re off and running!

Any comments appreciated!! 🙂

Voice-Ring Overview

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Voice-Ring, a company specializing in broadband telephone services for small to medium sized businesses, approached Jelyco for a website redesign. We provided an updated design, increased user login options, and a more usable website structure.
Jelyco also hooked up an existing database of customers and contacts for the new site. Users can now manage their calls directly through the Voice-Ring site instead of going to a separate login page.
Tim Nelson, the contact person for Voice-Ring, states “It has been great working with you guys, and I hope to be doing more with you soon.”