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Jeff is the Jelyco CTO and a developer. His passion lies in standards based coding and design with an emphasis on progressive enhancement. He's also a huge movie buff and enjoys spending time on his bikes in the summer and time in the wood shop in the winter.

AJAX: Not Just Pixies and Fairy Dust

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AJAX: Not Just Pixies and Fairy Dust

I need this page to have more pazazz, more pop, more wow!

Yes, you’ve probably heard someone say it at some point. Maybe you’ve even said it yourself. In today’s Web 2.0 world, pages need to pop, especially if you’re marketing toward the younger generations. In fact, just the other day I was discussing design trends for Higher Education with a few colleagues over lunch at the BackYard Grill & Bar in Fond du Lac, WI. Someone mentioned showing two designs to a particular student. One design had a very old-looking interface, but worked completely. The other was new and flashy, yet didn’t have all the features the first one did. Immediately that student said he/she would prefer the flashy, new site and probably wouldn’t even spend enough time on the old-looking site to figure out what it did.

So you can see that eye-catching design can help retain visitors. And in the marketing world, web 2.0 is synonymous with flashy, eye-catching design. And flashy, eye-catching design is synonymous with AJAX (asynchronous javascript and XML.) So, naturally, if you want a web 2.0 site, it goes without saying that it should be laced in AJAX, right? Well that may not be only reason for AJAX.

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Amazon’s Product Advertising API

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Amazon’s Product Advertising API

My fiance and I have a lot of movies. Well over 500. It costs so much to rent a movie for a night that it’s usually better to buy it for $5-$10 and keep it to watch again. So that’s what we do. And it’s left us with an awful lot of movies.

Recently, I decided that I needed to catalog all the movies. Not only because I often got the question, “do you have this movie I may borrow?” but more so in case of theft or natural disaster. A few years ago the apartment building I was living in at the time was struck by lightning. Bad enough that the fire department came out to use their fancy cameras to make sure there were no in-wall electrical fires. This electricity surge destroyed much of my audio/visual equipment. Luckily, I had renter’s insurance as was able to have everything replaced because I had kept receipts for everything. But I don’t keep receipts for small DVD/Blu-ray purchases. How would I get my precious movie collection back should it be stolen or destroyed?

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Website Hosting with Jelyco

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Website Hosting with Jelyco

There’s more than just a computer involved in hosting your website. You can’t just toss a few files on a computer in someones’ basement and expect to have a top-performing website for all your customers to visit. It takes a knowledge of server infrastructure, DNS, Load Balancing, and more! When you choose to have Jelyco maintain and host your site, we’ll make it simple for you. We’ll take care of:

  • Domain registration, renewal, and/or transfer
  • NameServer configuration
  • Email server configuration (with Google Apps)
  • Providing a seamless go-live for your new site

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ShoeBuy marketing, 1 year later.

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fergie pumps

Shoes for my Fiance!

I like shoes. I like them a lot. Maybe a lot is a bit of an understatement. In fact, my fiancé and I have been told we have a shoe problem. Good thing we both have the problem or our marriage may not work out in the end; we’ll just need a big closet devoted to only shoes. Good thing we’re handy enough to build our own should our house prove insufficient.

Enough about my shoe problem. Ok, not really. With any good shoe problem, I buy a fair amount of my shoes online. Especially with today’s online shoe retailers offering free, two-way shipping, I can buy without fearing enormous shipping charges should they not fit. It’s just a simple exchange and I continue my way to footwear bliss.

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ZumoDrive, A Ninja in the Internet

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One of the things that we run into most is file sharing, with Lynn living in the frozen north in Michigan and me living in the sweltering south in South Carolina. Files can get upwards of 30-50 megabytes with revisions and almost impossible to email each other for reviewing, not that we haven’t tried doing it. It sure wasn’t fun. Especially on a slower U.P. connections and a somewhat less than patient coworker.
We took it upon ourselves to come up with a better way. Since I had recently purchased an iPhone, I looked for some online storage that had a pretty sweet iPhone app. In came Zumo Drive. It solved all our platform problems having working apps for iPhone, Windows, and Mac OS X. Things were looking good. So we installed it and started using it. Perhaps, it was too soon…

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Keeping it Green: Digitally Signing Contracts

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The Idea

Today’s youth are obsessed with getting something now. They don’t want to wait for anything. In fact, some even get extremely upset when Facebook takes a tad longer than usual to load on their cell phones making it “almost impossible” to update their status. Now I won’t lie; I, too, am one of those that likes instant gratification. Whether that means being able to jump on Google street view from my iPhone, watching the latest youtube video gone viral, or simply watching digital broadcast TV, I don’t want to deal with hiccups in service or be tethered to the wall by my ethernet cable.

Since starting Jelyco in 2008, I’m constantly on the lookout for new ways to get things done. One of the things I disliked most about doing business with others was the time it takes to get contracts signed. Usually it means printing one out, mailing it to the client, having them sign it, mailing it back, having us sign it, make copies, and then mail those copies back out to the client. That whole process can take up to a month. Being an online company, I tossed out the idea that someone should have a way to digitally sign these things so they could be signed in just hours instead of months. Not only would this help us get to work faster (since we don’t start work until we have a signed contract), but it will also help save a few trees in the process.

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Jelyco, llc is official!

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It’s been a rather interesting haul, but we’re an official limited liability corporation! (Feel free to cheer for us, we’re doing it.) Jelyco is a company for you. We’re here to help make your businesses presence more noticeable, more memorable, and more profitable. Offering design, development, branding, seo, copy writing, and editing services Jelyco is a one-stop, full-suite interactive marketing agency. Feel free to drop us a line with any questions you might have about your next project.