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There’s more than just a computer involved in hosting your website. You can’t just toss a few files on a computer in someones’ basement and expect to have a top-performing website for all your customers to visit. It takes a knowledge of server infrastructure, DNS, Load Balancing, and more! When you choose to have Jelyco maintain and host your site, we’ll make it simple for you. We’ll take care of:

  • Domain registration, renewal, and/or transfer
  • NameServer configuration
  • Email server configuration (with Google Apps)
  • Providing a seamless go-live for your new site

Why host with Jelyco?

Why should you host with Jelyco instead of someone that might be cheaper such as GoDaddy or DreamHost?

  • Personalized Service. We know you, we know your site. Jelyco takes pride in knowing and establishing a beneficial relationship between producer and consumer.
  • Expert Answers. You’ve got questions? We provide detailed responses based on your specific brand, company, or project.
  • No Technical Jargon. If you don’t know what bandwidth or storage means to your website, don’t worry about it. We’ll let you know what’s important and why, then we’ll take care of what you need.
  • Worry-free up-time. Don’t worry about whether your site will be up or is down for server maintenance. Our server is up, available, and ready to provide your clients with the website experience that they deserve.
Hosting Plan Monthly Yearly
Wicked Basic $13.00 $140.00
Typical $21.00 $240.00 Most Popular!
Galore $24.00 $275.00
Kabluie $45.00 $525.00

Hosting Tier 1 – Wicked-basic

$13.00 per month or $140.00 per year

This tier is basic. Really, really basic. Some might even call it wicked-basic! This option allows you to host a website with Jelyco, but gives you very little access to the site files. Changes can be made by going though Jelyco.

Hosting Tier 2 – Typical

$21.00 per month or $240.00 per year

Stepping it up a tad from the wicked-basic tier, we build in 6 hours of updates for the year with free consultation. Hear of a new, fancy widget for your site? Ask us and we’ll let you know the pros and cons and how it will work with your website. That way you’ll be able to make an educated decision about it. Ask Jelyco to add it to your site and we’ll do it, included in your hosting.

Hosting Tier 3 – Galore

$24.00 per month or $275.00 per year

Feel like doing your own changes to your site through File Transfer Protocol (FTP)? Then this is your tier! We’ll supply you with some credentials to log in to your site’s root over sFTP so you can do any updating yourself. Jelyco is still available for consultation (8 hours per year) and larger projects can be reviewed through our work proposal process.

Hosting Tier 4 – Kabluie

$45.00 per month, $525.00 per year

This tier holds it all. You’ll get our 12 hours of updates a year, FTP access, and database access from any computer. Most of the time this is over-kill, but if you have an app on-site and want to store data off-site, this may be the way to go.

About Jeff

Jeff is the Jelyco CTO and a developer. His passion lies in standards based coding and design with an emphasis on progressive enhancement. He's also a huge movie buff and enjoys spending time on his bikes in the summer and time in the wood shop in the winter.

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