Keep to the Bike Lane

We’re all bikers here at Jelyco. Road rides, cross-country mountain rides, downhill rides, urban assault rides; you name it, we’ll try it. And since we bike so much, we’ve had our fair share of run-ins with people not paying attention.

On the daily commute to the office, I typically get honked at or have cars gun it as they pass me on the road. My favorite is when they pass me just in time to put their brakes on and make a right turn just in front of me.

Giving the motorists the benefit of the doubt, I’ll often see bicyclists fly through red lights or turn directly in front of cars. I can understand their frustration as I, too, get frustrated with bikers not following the laws — especially when I’m on my bike. If motorists are too frustrated with bikers in general, my following the laws could surprise a motorist into something stupid.

Jelyco friend and elite networking technician, @robg485, sent the following video to me the other day and I just had to share it. Check out the fantastic job the police are doing in NYC.

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Jeff is the Jelyco CTO and a developer. His passion lies in standards based coding and design with an emphasis on progressive enhancement. He's also a huge movie buff and enjoys spending time on his bikes in the summer and time in the wood shop in the winter.

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