5 Reasons Why You Need a New Website

Sometimes we become our own case study. In the time of instant communication, mobile applications, and the constantly changing age of digital information; two years between website revamps seems like an eternity.

Organizations of all shapes and sizes should consider reviewing their website on a yearly basis. Look at your homepage and ask, “What would I think if this was my first visit? or Would I be interested in this product or service?”

We asked ourselves those questions and didn’t like the answers. So, without further adieu..

Why Do You Need a New Website?

  1. Websites are a 24-hour advocate. Your website represents you 24/7/365—it’s got to be kept current to adequately represent your business to the rest of the world. Jelyco has expanded its skills to offer additional marketing services and needed a website that supported those efforts.
  2. Utilize current or updated technologies. Companies specializing in website marketing should reflect current online trends, and the ability to adapt to the needs of different clients online. The new Jelyco websites integrates social media functionality, an ever-popular blogging platform (for sharing content like this fabulous post), and snappy contact forms.
  3. Let’s get social! Jelyco is working to connect with current and potential clients and we’re doing it through some of our favorite arenas: on our new website, twitter, and facebook. Keep tabs on us and join the conversation.
  4. Usability studies. After having our old site up for just over two years, we’ve learned a lot through watching web traffic and online research. Learning where visitors are spending time on a site is an excellent way to gather data and support development of further ideas and opportunities at your company.
  5. We were sick of our old site. It happens; you wake up, the browser loads, and you say “Damn! That’s one ugly website!” Ok, maybe we think it more often than we say it, but when it gets so bad that your coffee shoots of your mouth and onto your screen, you know you are due for an update.

With that, Jelyco is pleased to announce the unveiling of its shiny new website. An updated design, content, and functionality for the masses to enjoy and something in which we can take pride. A lot has happened in the past two years and we felt our old website and to be frank, our identity, did not showcase our values, skills, or quirks. So welcome. We’re happy you’re here and we’d be ecstatic if you’d leave us some feedback.

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I’m a learner, a teacher, and an entrepreneur who is passionate about all things web—content, design, optimization, usability—and the experiences that lead people to make decisions, engage, and share using technology.

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