ZumoDrive, A Ninja in the Internet

One of the things that we run into most is file sharing, with Lynn living in the frozen north in Michigan and me living in the sweltering south in South Carolina. Files can get upwards of 30-50 megabytes with revisions and almost impossible to email each other for reviewing, not that we haven’t tried doing it. It sure wasn’t fun. Especially on a slower U.P. connections and a somewhat less than patient coworker.
We took it upon ourselves to come up with a better way. Since I had recently purchased an iPhone, I looked for some online storage that had a pretty sweet iPhone app. In came Zumo Drive. It solved all our platform problems having working apps for iPhone, Windows, and Mac OS X. Things were looking good. So we installed it and started using it. Perhaps, it was too soon…

Not too long after we starting using Zumo Drive as out collaborative storage area, a post came out on Tech Crunch about Dropbox. The things it had rivaled Zumo, but it didn’t have an iPhone app. Nonetheless, I started using it for personal backups and have been extremely happy. One of the main features it has is the ability to right-click on any file and get a world-accessible link to that file. Why is that good? Well lets say Jelyco builds you a print layout for use in future marketing efforts. You want to see our current version for changes. We can grab a link from our online storage and send it off to you instantly. No waiting on uploading and downloading through email. I know, it’s pretty amazing!
In all, lesson learned, we should have gone with Dropbox over Zumo. And once we fill up our Gig of space on Zumo, we will be doing just that.

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Jeff is the Jelyco CTO and a developer. His passion lies in standards based coding and design with an emphasis on progressive enhancement. He's also a huge movie buff and enjoys spending time on his bikes in the summer and time in the wood shop in the winter.

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