Where have we been?

So it has been awhile but I imagine you’ve been busy, and so have we. For instance, Jeff bought a road bike, and I bought kayak. Both good uses of summertime, I assure you.
In addition to our sport activities, we’ve been developing logos, working on websites, and updating past projects….

Welcome Bayside Custom Canvas, a canvas business based primarily on boat-top creation and repair but also specializes in anything requiring an industrial sewing machine.
Also, a shout out to the gang behind the St. Cloud Wedding Expo. As we move through the summer, we’ll be helping develop an identity for this group. A logo and new web design are already in the works.
We’ve also been working on some updates for our friend Tim at Voice-Ring. This includes a few website tweaks as well as a document template for Voice-Ring marketing materials.
A more formal update covering this work in detail will follow. Sorry for the hiatus, we’re still here, working hard and playing harder. Talk to you soon! Drop us a line if you’ve got a question on a project or just want to say HI!

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I’m a learner, a teacher, and an entrepreneur who is passionate about all things web—content, design, optimization, usability—and the experiences that lead people to make decisions, engage, and share using technology.

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