Happy New Year from Jelyco!

Well, we are a little untimely with our well wishes but better late than ever! We hope everyone is having no problem sticking to their New Year’s resolutions and that the holidays were not completely exhausting. (Like they were for some of us!!)
The New Year is a good time to reflect and examine the current processes used in your life as well as your business. Day-to-day communications, publications, and media are all places that can be improved. I’ve put together a short list to ponder while you are busy accomplishing all the other resolutions.

  • Does your website direct visitors to complete a certain action? (Such as contacting you for more information, requesting a quote, signing up for your newsletter, etc.)
  • Have you tried using an email campaign to market a specific product or service to your customers?
  • How have you made your products or services known to your customers?
  • How do your clients think of you and your brand?

If you believe that your company could benefit from taking a closer look at the above ideas, contact us today and we’ll work on helping you set some resolutions for your company during 2009!

About Lynn

I’m a learner, a teacher, and an entrepreneur who is passionate about all things web—content, design, optimization, usability—and the experiences that lead people to make decisions, engage, and share using technology.

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